1 Bento #161 - Dim Sum

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I haven't had a lot of bento boxes to post in the last few days, mainly because E has been out of school with her typical wintertime cold/asthma/ear infections/fever (naturally they go hand-in-hand with one another.)  Yesterday's lunch was yummy dim sum from Trader Joe's.  Some pan-steamed shui mei pork and chicken cilantro wontons with some ponzu dipping sauce I made.  Oh, and I found this tray (one of two new ones) at Target in the $1 bins!  It's got a really cute robot/space design.

Bento #161 - Pork shui mei, chicken cilantro wontons, ponzu sauce, red grapes and lettuce.

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Jes said...

Love this robot tray! I plan on hitting up the nearest Target this weekend - I'll have to check for those!

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