2 Bento #112 - Spinach Tortellini

Friday, September 24, 2010

I whipped up some Barilla spinach tortellini the other night for dinner, and I packed some leftovers for E's lunch, with ranch dressing on top. She loves ranch dressing, but I have no idea if she'll dig it on top of the tortellini.  I figured it would taste like a cold pasta salad.  I found those ducky crackers at Publix, they are too cute, and the mini box of raisins fits perfectly into so many of our bento boxes.

Bento #112 - Baby carrots, fresh fruit salad, ducky cheese crackers, raisins, and spinach & cheese tortellini with ranch dressing.

On another note, I was remembering back to this time last year when I was dealing with FEMA because our basement was under water, our retaining wall had washed away, and the creek in our back yard forest had become a raging river due to the crazy flooding the Atlanta area had.  I'm so grateful that we didn't lose as much as many people did.
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Emily Keaton said...

Yum, yum!! What a fun lunch. I wonder if you daughter liked the ranch on her tortellini?

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

@Emily - She liked the ranch, she just wasn't liking the tortellini this time around! She liked it last time I made it. Ah well.

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