6 Bento #111 - PB&J Crown

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I made lunch at 1am this morning.  I wasn't going to take a picture, but I thought I might as well show it - I can't be the only one who packs messy lunches on occasion!  I used an adorable Lunch Punch to cut out the crown, but my mistake was in deciding to remove the heart cutout from the middle.  I use organic peanut butter which is extremely runny, and well, you see what I mean?  Also, I grabbed a too-large container, and had to shore up the sandwich with the sliced apples.  Sort of ruins the crown design.  The only thing that looks good is the cucumber flowers, which thankfully I'd done earlier, when not so dead tired.

Bento #111 - PB&J with organic strawberry preserves & peanut butter, pink lady apple slices, mozzarella cheese, and cucumber flowers.
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TerriG said...

It looks nice to me. I am so new, I am still polishing up my lunches. I just discovered mini cukes, oh, they have some bento-potential.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry if you've explained this before, but how do you make your cucumber flowers?

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Emily Keaton said...

Yum! Looks like fun :)

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

@ TerriG - I'd love to experiment with mini cucumbers!

@ She Looks - I use steel veggie cutters, they work wonders!


Sarah said...

Always love to come visit your blog and read your bento's blog post

Havas said...

it's lunch time and it's time to visit your blog again to find bento's for lunch

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