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Monday, September 5, 2011

This weekend we celebrated the marriage of our friends Melissa Britos & Sean Sullivan in Virginia!  My sister Liz and my own little Ella were in their beautiful, intimate wedding on Smith Mountain Lake.

Ella was an incredible trooper!  Just moments before walking down the aisle she got badly burned by a hot curling iron on her upper leg.  I was doing her very last curl, and the iron swung around next to the chair she was sitting on and just seared her.  Worst feeling ever. But, she pulled it together and did her perfect flower girl duty, and then was the life of the party at the reception!  She danced all night long and never once complained about her poor leg.

See that wedding arch?  Sean made that!  He not only can speak Chinese and strike a mean pose, but he also knows all about floral wire and arranging blooms to their best advantage.  He helped all the girls do their wedding bouquets too.  What a guy!

It's rare of me to be impressed by wedding food, but my goodness, the food at the Craddock Terry Hotel where the reception was held was exquisite!  Mounds of fresh fruit, cheese and vegetables, huge cocktail tiger prawns, spinach & artichoke dip with tomato and garlic-rubbed crostini, a huge assortment of specialty deli meats, cheeses and roasted, pickled peppers and olives.

I would have been happy with just the hors d'oeuvres!  But the entree menu put to shame any other wedding food I've ever had.

Who offers a made-to-order 16 ounce ribeye on a wedding menu?!  That's crazy!  I ordered one, rare and it was great.  Ella and Ian got the crab-stuffed flounder, and the crab was real, honest-to-goodness blue crab, which made my Maryland heart sing.  

Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding.  Congrats Melissa & Sean!

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