7 Bento #99 - Peanut Butter & Honey Lunch Punch Princess

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First of all, Kiersten at The Lunch Punch totally rocks!  She sent me some absolutely adorable Lunch Punches!  A set of the brand new ultra-girly Sand*wishes* as well as the all around kid-pleasing Critter Cutters.  I am so ordering the Match & Munch set next, I can totally envision doing a big puzzle class snack like this.

I have also gone way beyond my alloted ration of Nutella sandwiches since these arrived.  I mean, just look at this fairy bread (fairy bread is an Australian kid favorite, which is where Lunch Punch originated!  It's lightly toasted or un-toasted bread, buttered, and then topped with 'hundreds and thousands' aka sprinkles.)

(Photo courtesy of Lunch Punch)

These are so cute, you really need to get some of these!  Thank you, Lunch Punch!!

Second, my 99th published bento??  Really?  I'm going to have to think up something special for #100.

Bento #99 - Peanut butter & honey Lunch Punch princess sandwich with jumbo nonpareils for "eyes" and "jewels", strawberry slices, sugar snap peas, mozzarella cheese and salad cream in the monkey sauce case.

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slushygirl said...

Adoarable, as always.

queen of everything said...

too cute. thanks for sharing the link. keep up the good work

Keda said...

Awesome! Really. I would eat sandwiches like that. Of course I already eat normal sandwiches though... One question though, we use to eat normal sandwiches when we were kids all the time, aren't you just setting your kid up for never eating normal sandwiches again?

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

@ Keda - I don't really think so, my daughter still eats regular looking food for all her other meals. I make things cute for her lunch meal because most of the time I'm not there encouraging her to try things. If it looks more presentable, she's likely to try it all on her own.

Maria said...

The cake puzzle looks amazing. Are these shapes only available in the Us and Australia? Do you know if they sell them to Europe?

(Have 4 nephews and nieces that would LOVE this)

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

@ Maria - The Lunch Punch is available at this online store in the UK


Anonymous said...

Really, cute but is that "playing with your food"

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