4 Picks Aplenty, Picks Galore (Part One)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wheee! So excited about this new craft organizer box I snagged a few days ago. It's wonderful! Before I had little mis-matched containers to hold everything, so things got mixed up, and I could never see at a glance what was inside. Now that I have this, I can see everything right away. Genius!

I mean look at this thing.  It's beautiful.  It comes with dividers that you can arrange in infinite ways for different length items, on both top and bottom.

Now, on to the bottom layer...

I keep the larger items down here - my fruit/veggie cutters, big sauce bottles, onigiri/egg molds, chopsticks, belts, straws and party stirrers.
I use the party stirrers for fruit kabobs.

The straws are super cute, they have a lot of these out right now for backyard parties.  You can snip them down to size and add them to a box, or a small cup.  Plus, they work wonders as an incentive for getting the kiddies to drink nasty medicine!

EDIT 5/30/11:  Updated organizer pictures here in Part Two.

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Kuusou said...

What a great organizer! I like all the larger spaces in the lower section. :)

Holly said...

You are the queen of Bento Meals! So fun and organized right at your fingertips! I hope to win!!!!! Thanks for the chance!

BentoBoxUK said...

Wow! Awesome pick collection! :o)

Bobbi@bobbisbentos said...

I have pick envy!

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