3 Bento #81 - Spinach Ravioli & Strawberry Flowers

Saturday, May 22, 2010


So today I'm using the dosirak for the first time, and E thought it was neat.  The tray is really big!  I was worried I gave her too much food, but she scarfed every bit down.  I used the star flower shaped veggie cutter for the first time with the strawberries, and they turned out very cute, I think.

Bento #81 - Spinach & cheese ravioli, strawberry flowers, organic baby carrots and ranch dip and steamed asparagus.
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Melissa said...

Ah! That looks fantastic!!

How would you rate the tray's durability? You wrote before it is aluminum, so is it prone to being bendy and dented? Or is it stronger like stainless steel?

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

It is very durable! I wrote that it was aluminum, but it's not, it's stainless (and I'm going to correct my previous post on that count.) I can see that tray lasting forever.

Susan said...

I love your blog! My first time here and I'll definitely be back. Great information and beautiful pictures of all the yummy food you make! :)

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