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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was minding my own business buying bathing suits at the mall the other day, when I happened upon a very dangerous shop.  A Sanrio/Japanese import store.  Literally half the store was Hello Kitty!  Miss E is a huge, huge fan of HK, and I had to go in.  They had wondrous items, but I limited myself to just a few.  They did have a few bento boxes, but nothing I was really interested in.

I came across this amazing lunch box.  Seriously, this is the best lunch box I've ever seen, and not because it's Hello Kitty.  It has so many zippers, mesh pouches and compartments (and all insulated, to boot!) that this is PERFECT.  The Hello Kitty motif was just the cherry on top.  It even came with a very nice-sized HK bento box inside!  The interior is a perfect fit for her other bento boxes, and the top fits a small Sigg water bottle, which is great.  The picture below shows a strap, but we won't use it (for now, anyway.)  She will die when she sees her new lunch box tomorrow.

Next we have a fancy Hello Kitty lanyard, which I use any time we travel or go to a crowded place like the zoo.  I keep her emergency ID cards in there.

And finally, some super adorable hair elastics.

I also picked up some grown-up chopsticks, because mine seemed to have disappeared.
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Summer Dove Simmons said...

what a perfect lunch box. i bought one similar to this for my husband and it rocks but of course if very husband-ish {brown}...I've been looking for nearly a year for one for my 3 & 1 year old boy and girl and have found nothing! I'm off to the hello kitty store here to see if they have anything.

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