0 Bento #60 - Mini Quiche & Sugar Snap Peas

Monday, February 1, 2010

I just remembered I have under cabinet lighting.  It's giving the dip in the blue flower cup a weird blue cast, but I never said I was a professional photographer.  

E and I made these mini turkey & spinach quiche together, she was very proud of herself!  

(The plastic bag on the counter is for prep garbage)


I used the same recipe that I posted here, except I made it more kid-friendly by adding Mexican blend cheese instead of the more pungent Swiss, and chopped the onions very finely.  I baked these mini pans at 350 for about 20 minutes.  I find that if I get her to help me make things, she is much more likely to eat them.  So far, I'm succeeding, as I don't know of any kid who eats more veggies (raw and cooked) than mine!  She LOVES these sugar snap peas.  In fact, last night she ate them first before touching her [homemade] mac n' cheese, and had seconds.  When she saw them on her plate she cheered!

Bento #60 - Mini spinach & turkey quiche, sugar snap peas w/dip and fresh blueberries.
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