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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My husband Ian and I were at the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta this past weekend.  It's our annual tradition, ever since he took me on our first date there 10 years ago this week!  Ella elected to stay the weekend with Nana, admitting that she'd rather go to Fall Festival than go to the PLM.  We camped overnight for the first time.  I absolutely hate camping.  "Hate" is actually an understatement.  I agreed because we had the travel minivan the whole family shares and the plan was to put all the seats down flat in the back and sleep.  We did that, and it wasn't totally horrible, but using porta-potties in 40 degree weather in pitch darkness is not my idea of a comfortable stay.  Yes, I'm unapologetically high-maintenance.  Next time we will be renting an RV.  Baby steps.  

Hanging out at Turn 3:

On Friday, this Aston Martin bit it right in front of us during practice.  You can always be certain that sitting at Turn 3 will be eventful.  No one was hurt, BTW.  

The rest of the days were spent between our [poorly] catered club tent, and with our new friends the off-duty corner marshalls at Turn 3.  I heard the Audi club tent had Richard Blais catering for them.  I was definitely in the wrong tent.  My husband, however, was totally in the right tent, as he yet again won a fabulous prize...a framed poster of the BMW Team RLL car, signed by all six drivers.  He's got a bunch of pictures on his own blog (which happens to be fantastically more popular and famous than this little one I write.)

Our friend Stefan joined us on Saturday.  He just happens to be an amazing photographer.  See?  I have a hard time getting this effect at just a walking pace, let alone at 160 mph.  

Anyway, the long preamble is leading up to me admitting that I haven't made a school lunch since last week.  We got in too late on Sunday night, and I am actually volunteering at school most of the day tomorrow, and I'll be eating lunch with her, so I figured we could just grab a hot meal.  Thus, I'm posting a selection of some of my favorite bentos.

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