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Friday, September 30, 2011

I wanted to post some of my other vacation pictures.  These are from our day in Brighton, England.  We met my cousin Katie who came down from London for the day.  I was so glad to see her!  What's funny is that she's not from my English family, she's actually from Laguna Beach, but been living in London as a student for the past year.

We stopped at a sidewalk cafe for lunch to sample the famed seafood.  I had a langoustine linguine, which was pretty good.

Check out the giganto fish and chips!  That green mound is mushy peas.  Normally I loathe mushy peas (and I'm a girl who will eat just about anything) ...but these were genuinely amazing.  They were fluffy and really flavorful and I could have eaten it all, and I would have if they had been on my plate!

Miss E having a lovely time!  There was a live jazz singer just to the right of us.

Obligatory Hello Kitty pose.

We spent a couple of hours on the fake sharp pebble beach. 

I wonder why they felt the need to re-name it??  I can't imagine that one letter change made a huge difference.

We stopped for tea and dessert.  This was the first real decadent dessert we'd had the entire trip.  It was an amazing, rich chocolate, REAL brownie!  Brits don't really do brownies, so I was so surprised to see this.  We all ordered it, in fact.  They gave each of us a little shot glass full of M&Ms, which was such a cute touch.  And I don't know about you, but I'm in LOVE with the tableware!

 Posing in front of the palace at the end of our day.

It was a short, but sweet day trip.  Afterward we all drove back to our cottage in Chichester and visited together for a while before driving Katie back to Brighton to catch her train.  While Brighton itself is kind of cliche, the weather was lovely and the company sublime.
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