6 Bento #216 - Frog Prince Sandwich & Edamame

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I just love these Lunch Punches!    This one is a frog prince, though I wish the features showed up better in the pictures.  Super cute.   As you can see below, I did an inside-out layered sandwich with 36 16 grain bread (doesn't it seem like they are now putting out bread with crazy amounts of grains?  This one was dropping flax seeds and nuts all over my counter.)

Edamame and some berry Yogurt Stars.

Ninja Aussie apple.

And all packed up in her PlanetBox.

Bento #216 - Whole grain bread and Colby cheese sandwich, berry Yogurt Star cookies, edamame, dried cherries and vitamins.  Snack - Aussie apple.

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charcharr said...

What are berry yogurt stars? Did you make them?

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

They are from Trader Joes :)

Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Your foods always looks yummy and healthy.Love your blog.
Will cute cutting like cheese and nori get messed up in the planetbox??

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thanks Rina :) The Planetbox keeps everything in their individual compartments, so it works great!

Unknown said...

I love my lunchpunches too! I have 2 of the sets including the SandWishes set. They're Aussie made too!^_^
Something I've done before is give Mr Frog Prince some eyes with sultanas. Great idea laying the cheese on top!
Thanks for sharing!

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

I'll have to try some eyes next time, Neko Mama!

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