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Monday, April 4, 2011

So, I was about to post a recipe for baked pears, but was so thoroughly incensed by a video I was sent that I thought I'd share this instead.  This is a great argument for buying your meat from a small local butcher you trust.  Not only are the chemicals used highly questionable for health reasons, but also countless people will have objections to using blood plasma in food for religious reasons (myself included.)  Take a look.


What is going on here?  Why are these chemicals being allowed in order to lie to consumers about the meat they are buying?

EDIT:  Here's another article with more information.

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Unknown said...

Disgusting! Thanks for sharing! I saw a cooking show the other night, it was about this high end caterer and he used meat glue to make a beef tenderloin look like a log. My thoughts were A) Meat Glue? YUCK! B)Why would you pay someone top dollar to sprinkle crap on your food?? Obviously we know there are tons of better ways to make REAL food look good! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!!! I switched to vegetarianism earlier this year because I was worried about all the hormones they are giving animals now. As a result, my propensity for headaches is drastically less. This video just gives me even more reason to avoid meat. EWWW!!! (I posted this on FB for my friends and family!)

Anonymous said...

I wish that the video worked! I guess that they took it down. This should be shown on national tv!!! Thanks for sharing

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Hmm, the video still works for me! Maybe reload the page? It's great info.

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