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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few weeks ago I received a delicious package in the mail from Michael Anderson at SpiceCrafters.com, which included both its delectable Primo27 Original Blend and Seasoning Salts!  I couldn't wait to try them.  That night I grilled up some ribeye steaks for dinner and mixed up some tangy sauce to go with it, just a simple sugar-free catsup and some Primo27 original mixed in.  My husband and I were really impressed - it's got a smoky, spicy quality that would be great on a variety of foods.  Best of all, no fillers or free flow agents and it's always freshly ground.  And, priced at $7.99, it's a fantastic deal, especially considering how much spice you get! It includes allspice, annatto seed, bay leaf, chilies, cloves, cumin, fennel seed, garlic, ginger, paprika, sea salt, star anise, turmeric, and more.

A few days later I took the Primo27 Seasoning Salt over to my mother-in-law's house to make baked pork chops.  I wanted to see how it would fare against something more traditional with a houseful of picky eaters.  On half the chops I used Primo27, and on the other half I used Montreal Seasoning.  

I don't have any pictures of after they are cooked, because every single one of the Primo27 chops got devoured, and only one of the Montreal.  Seriously!  They were excellent with baked beans and applesauce.  The sweetness of the apples really lends itself well to the smoky, nutty flavors of the Primo27.  

As you may have seen in Bento #138, I made a dipping sauce with Primo27 Original.  One part sour cream, one part mayonnaise, some onion flakes, a pinch of sugar and several good shakes of the seasoning, and it made for a really yummy dip.  I can easily see this being great mixed in with hummus and served on toasted pita, and my husband really wants to see me try this on steamed shrimp.  So much more experimentation to do!  Check out SpiceCrafters here!  www.spicecrafters.com

EDIT:  Wow!  Spice Crafters sent me a code exclusively for Bentobloggy readers!  Use the code BentoBloggySpice and you will get 20% off your entire purchase!
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