2 Bento #147 - Naan Pizza

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today E and I made a naan bread pizza, with fresh tomato basil bruschetta as the base, shredded cheese, and  a couple slices of ham. I buy naan in the frozen section at Trader Joe's, and now they sell it in the bakery area of Costco (which is where this naan came from.)  It was baked at 400 for about 9 minutes.

Bento #147 - Naan pizza, fresh fruit salad, yogurt stars, sunflower seeds and celery.

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Unknown said...

I love the containers! I wish I had them when Ki was little and obsessive about food touching and had other oral issues. I;d have to put his foods in small little containers- like the tiny Rubbermaid food holders that only hold a couple tablespoons. He'd only eat a few bites of something them complain the temperature and texture had changed. He is 14 and still uses out 'kiddy divided plates'

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation. Naan is a wonderful Indian Breads that have an array of flat breads.

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