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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Okay, I'm totally loving the PlanetBox.  I want to send a big thank-you to Caroline at PlanetBox for this great set!  It's a waste-free lunch container which is naturally BPA-free, easy to port around with the wonderful insulated carrying case and keeps all the foods inside separate.  The roomy inner compartments are great, and designing them with such different dimensions is genius, especially the little treat square in the center.  It's really ideal for "drier" lunch foods, but even if you have something gooey, the Little (and Big) Dippers (which have inner silicone seals) are perfect for the job.

E loves her PlanetBox, and says it's really easy to use at school.  She likes how nothing gets mushed.  And hello?  The decorative magnets are adorable!  We have the unicorns and rainbows (aww).

The insulated carry bag is really substantial, has good pockets, one of which is the perfect size for a small size .3L Sigg bottle or other such reusable bottle, or juice box.  The bag has a large mesh pocket inside for an ice pack, and on the outside there is a Velcro pocket for things like utensils, napkins, or an extra snack (it also conveniently fits the Big Dipper.)  Look at how great the Sigg fits in the elasticized outer pocket.

And never fear, it's totally dishwasher-safe and cleans up really nicely (just don't forget to remove the magnets first.)  This box will last you forever, so it's well worth the money, and it's appropriate for almost every member of the family (though babies and Fido may have trouble.)  My husband wouldn't hesitate to take this one to work, sans the happy unicorns.

Check out how versatile the PlanetBox is.

PlanetBox is a small, parent-based company who want to promote the health of children and the planet.  Go ahead and check these guys out!  If you have a PlanetBox already, what's your favorite thing about it?
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Renee said...

I do not have a Planetbox, but I have been wanting on for awhile now. I was wondering if you could use it for adults and you answered that question. :) Thanks for doing this review so I could get a better perspective. :)

Cupcake Dessert said...

I am totally lusting after one of these lol.

tinyskillet said...

That is so cool! Does in travel on it's side? If so it's leakproof? I don't have one yet, but it is definitely on my list to get!

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Lyndsey - unlike my dosirak tray, it can travel on its side, which is great! All the food stays nicely within its compartments. It's gotta be packed with more dry foods, but the Dippers do the trick if you want to bring sauces, yogurt, stuff like that.

Alisha Robertson said...

Love that you throw the whole thing in the dishwasher. My Ella loves it and we have the adorable cat magnets. She asks for the cat box now. :)

Goose and Bug said...

These are so cute! My 5 year old would love the unicorn and rainbow one. She uses a regular lunchbox right now and gets so frustrated that it doesn't hold very much. She would rather have a few little things than one big item, but it's so hard for her to squish all the little containers back inside it when she's done.

babybebo said...

That is awesome! My daughter isn't in school yet but I love to get ideas for when she does go. All the compartments make it easy to fill with different foods rather than just PB & J with an apple. It forces you to be creative & healthy!

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