3 Bento #114 - Wontons & Aussie Apple

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We had another really fun day yesterday.  We went with a bunch of E's school friends to The Art Barn at Morning Glory Farms, and it was a hit!  The kids got to brush, pet and hold lots of different farm animals, do a fun art project, and have a couple hayrides.  I even saved a child from a giant daddy long-legs skittering over her back (*silent scream*)  When it comes to kids, my mama instincts kick in and I jump to action, but if I'm by myself I seem to freeze in hysteria or shriek for my husband to come save me.

I packed this lunch for her to eat while we were there.  The apple is so neat!  I've seen these a few times lately on other bento blogs, and it's called an 'Aussie Apple'.  You just carefully slice the apple however you want it, and then put all the pieces back together and secure it with a clean rubber band, so all the slices stay crisp and fresh.  It worked really well in my deepest bento box, especially because this was quite a small apple.

Bento #114 - Pan-steamed chicken cilantro wontons, raisins, baby carrots, 1/2 potato bread roll, and an Aussie apple.
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Emily Keaton said...

A cute lunch!! Love the tip for the Aussie apple. I've cut up apples for years (for myself as a child and now for my own kids), and never thought to put the apple back together again to keep the slices crisp and fresh. Will have to try this!!

Nick said...

Devilishly clever, those Aussies.

Tamara Suiter Ocuto said...

the idea to use a rubber band to hold the apple pieces are so clever! although i dont have children yet but i usually take apples and peanut butter to work with me, this definitely will help!

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