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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The other night we decided to head to Blue Moon Pizza for dinner.  Just look at their exotic menu!

The first time we went I got a half Thai/Jerk Chicken, and it was amazing, especially the Thai Chicken.  Loved it!  (BTW, notice the marked difference between this picture and the subsequent?  First was taken during the day by my iPhone 3G, the others by my iPhone 4...at night.  Nice!)

My husband is not quite so adventurous, and he sticks with what he knows he likes - The Meteor (and I don't blame him, it's AWESOME!)

I mean, cayenne-candied bacon?  Are you kidding me??  I MUST learn how to make this, ASAP.

I wanted to try a different combo, and had a half Greek/Luna, and it was sooo good!  I'm a sucker for olives, any way I can get them.  The only thing it was missing was handfuls of that cayenne-candied bacon.  Hmm....

I love that they give kids a ball of dough to shape, and then bake it for them.  We spiced hers up a little bit and kneaded in some grated Parm and Italian  herbs.

Also, the best drink we've had in a long time by FAR is their signature margarita - it's called the Slice of Heaven.  It really is.  The other great thing about this place is that they have gluten-free pizza options, which is really nice for people who have gluten intolerances.  This is our new favorite pizza joint.  Love!
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