2 Bento #84 - Mini Gyoza & Veg

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why so much veg on this plate??  It's because Miss E and I just finished making some totally amazing no-bake granola bars, and when they're entirely cool, she won't be able to keep her hands off them!  She already licked the mixing bowl clean.  I figured she needed some extra veggies to counter-balance the extra sweetness of the granola bars.  I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow.

Bento #84 - Mini pork & leek gyoza on a bed of artisan lettuce, ponzu sauce, carrots and ranch, and alfalfa sprouts.
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Emily said...

Love you philosophy on giving your daughter a wide variety of foods and when I have kids, I hope to do the same! Will look forward to your granola bar recipe!

tinyskillet said...

Nice bento lunch, love gyozas! My daughter would so do that on her own. If she thinks she didn't get enough veggies, she will get out some carrots and start munching!

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