2 Bento #76 - Dumplings & Cheese

Friday, May 7, 2010

Are dumplings and cheese a weird combo?  Probably, but I'm positive E will eat it all.  They look burned, but I swear they're not.  For some reason this particular brand of mini gyoza give off more starch or something while I cook them, and they always look darker.  The bird was accidental - I was cutting out the hearts and I saw a bird in the trimmings, so I stuck on an "eye" (dot sprinkle).    The container is filled with ponzu sauce.

Bento #76 - Pork & leek gyoza with ponzu, baby carrots, colby and swiss cheese hearts and bird, and blackberries.

I'm contemplating making bentos for the whole family for tonight's annual spring picnic at Ella's school.
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Melissa said...

Did you make the family bentos? :)

Love the accidental bird! It looks very artistic. :)

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Hi Melissa! I did end up making family bentos, but I didn't take any pictures, I was running behind, as usual! My husband and child got sandwiches, and I got a salad ;)

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