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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am so ridiculously excited!  I have been pining after Le Creuset cookware for the longest time.  At least one Dutch oven, please.

Last week my sister-in-law was browsing through a Bed Bath & Beyond and she came across a lone box on clearance...a 5-piece Le Creuset Essential set, which goes for $350, marked down to $175!  She texted me (she knew of my obsession) and asked if I wanted her to pick it up for me.  DO I??  Yes, Ma'am, please and thank you!  Then she found out she could get it with the 20% off coupon too.  Woo hoo!  $135.  5 pieces.  In RED to match my kitchen.  YAY!  They live about 1.5 hours away, so I have to wait until next weekend to get it, but when I do, all bets are off.  I'm hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign outside my kitchen.
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Kimberly said...

Oh you'll love the Le Creuset! I've got the big Dutch oven and find it to be the best pot for making soup, stew, chili, custard, pie fillings, anything like that. Plus, they clean up so easily.

And what a great deal too! I was going to suggest you try to find a Le Creuset outlet store in your area but I guess you're all set now. Does the set have the grill pan? I've always wanted to know if that works well and without anyone needing to cry about cleaning it.

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