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Monday, March 11, 2013

I punctuated my coming-out-of-hibernation with a big BANG!  Momocon 2013!  "Momo" is Japanese for "peach" signifying The Peach State of Georgia. Several months ago, Jessica the director of the Momocon family events planning asked me if I would be interested in hosting a panel and and workshop. Would I?  Of course! So, I invited three of my bento-bloggery friends and we led a panel discussion on American-style bento on Friday evening, and then a make-your-own bento on Saturday morning.  SOO much fun!  We also had a TON of help from my wonderful husband Ian on both days.  He actually moderated the panel on Friday night and kept everything going!

Left to right: Beth from A Boy and His Lunch, Kandice from We Aren't Scared of Sugar, yours truly, and Erin from Feeling A Little Lunchy

During the panel, we had about 300 people come through!

After the panel discussion we let con-goers come up to the stage and check out our loot!  On the left side of the picture is someone checking out my Cooking With Trader Joe's: EasyLunchboxes book!

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant after our panel was over.

Morning of the workshop. I wore baby Clara in my Beco Gemini carrier the entire time (and she slept right through!)

Ian and a unicorn staffer helping to prep food for the workshop.  Isn't everything better with a unicorn?

The line for the workshop was out the door and around the corner!  We only had seats for 120, and it ended up being standing room only!

My Angry Birds in an EasyLunchbox.  I made three before I got up and started walking around the room to see how everyone was getting on.

Our awesome workshoppers!

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Anonymous said...

I was at Momocon and didn't get to go to your workshop. :( I'm glad you had a lot of fun though! :)

feelingalittlelunchy said...

Thanks so much for organizing this and I had such a great time! Can't wait for next year!!

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