2 Princess Bride Party

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm continuing with the pirate theme today, since yesterday was the 25th anniversary of my all-time favourite movie, The Princess Bride!  This party happened a couple of weeks ago, hosted by my good friend R, and it was so much fun she wants to make it an annual thing.  All guests were encouraged to dress in character, (my friend E as The Abino, above) and bring a themed food item.  I have to say, we have some amazingly imaginative friends!

First of all, my own offering.  I made Skewered R.O.U.S. Meatballs, which were Aidell's teriyaki pineapple chicken.

Next was R.O.U.S. Thighs and [pretzel] Turds

And what Princess Bride party would be complete without MLTs?? That is, Mutton [ham] Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches!

We also had Count Rugen Six-Finger Tuna Rolls

Fire-Swamp Chili and Screeching Eel Cutlets (bacon-wrapped mini sausages with a brown sugar glaze!)

We had a wide array of themed desserts.

And of course quenched our thirst with sparkling punch (with or without Iocaine Powder)

Ella won her very own copy of The Princess Bride book.

We made our own t-shirts for the party, check out Ella's!


The Westleys.

My friend S as our very own Inigo Montoya!

The whole fam!  My shirt says "Keep Calm and Carry Iocaine" (I had to buy a white maternity shirt to fit my 6 month belly.)

Such a fun evening!  We watched the movie, quoted lines, had some yummy food, and great company!
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PinkJamie said...

So fun!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh, so fun! I love the Princess Bride!

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