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Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm such a slacker!  Here's what's been going around in these parts for the last couple of weeks in addition to Spring Break.

I mentioned my big Trader Joe's cookbook news Saturday, so you know that already, but we have been up to some other fun stuff too!

First, I won a couple of tickets to THE BEST shopping experience I've had in years!! Maybe ever. I had no idea what exactly I'd won until I showed up with my friend V at the designated place, Alexis' Suitcase in Sandy Springs.  Then began our catered limo bus tour of all the best high-end consignment shops in Atlanta and our two tour guides are owners of one of the consignment shops. It started at 9am and ended at 5:30pm, an all-day shopping extravaganza!  It's called Atlanta Consignment Stores bus tours.  At every shop we were feted with wine, champagne, peach mimosas, brownies, muffins, cupcakes and other delectable pastries.  On top of all that, we got a blanket 20% discount on all regular-priced merchandise.

I came away with countless new dresses, including a brand-new evening gown for my cousin's June black tie wedding, adorable tops and cardigans, a couple of great skirts and some amazing shoes.  I could barely lift my bags at the end of the day. I highly recommend you check this out in your own town if you have something like it.  It's such an amazing experience!  I'm totally doing it again in the Autumn (and if you're in the Atlanta area and want to come with, let me know!)  I came home vowing to go through my closet and consign items that I haven't worn in a while.  I counted 61 dresses crammed into my closet, so my husband was more than happy (giddy, even) to help me.

In not-so-fun updates, I also dealt with a stomach bug.  Then I had what I thought for SURE was strep throat, but after a shot of penicillin in the behind and several days of extra virus-like symptoms I realized that it was in fact a virus, plus ridiculous allergies.  Did you hear the pollen count here in Atlanta was over 9,000?! I'm only just now getting over the junky cough.  Then, Ella got the stomach bug.  It's been going around like crazy here. Don't you just love that?

We've also been doing crazy amounts of yard work, and I finally got my house Spring-cleaned by the cleaning ladies, winter wardrobes put away and went through six years worth of E's clothing, deciding what to keep, (very little) and what to consign, (just a bit) and what to pass on to little Sofi (the bulk.) I believe we counted about 20 huge Rubbermaid tubs and plastic bags full of her old clothes and shoes.  No wonder I couldn't fit anything else in my basement.  I can't believe my little baby is six years old now!

I also did some cooking, and I'll have those posts up soon.

Happy Spring Break!
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Dixie Delights said...

I def want to come shopping in the fall with you and a HUGE congrats on your trader joes cookbook news!!! Glad your spring break was productive with cleaning and getting things in order. Mine was the opposite so I've got to get off the computer now and get started :-)

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thanks! Can't wait till the fall tour, it will be so fun!

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