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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have never claimed to be the craftiest mom out there.  I tend to get an idea in my head, run straight to JoAnn or Michael's armed only with a coupon, devoid of plan or logical process of just how exactly to get from point A to finished product, then I buy everything that I think I may possibly need.  This project was just such a lark.  My husband was my unwitting, thoroughly confused and exasperated partner.  When I explained that I wanted to make a morning routine chart for E, he whipped out his beloved graphing paper and suggested we use that.  I was disgusted with his lack of imagination and zero cute factor, and dragged him to the craft store.

One hour and $38 later, we returned home with a piece of painted metal, a bunch of magnets, and several packages of random stickers, which I'd pored and agonized over for the better part of our shopping trip.  How come there are no packs of scrabooking stickers that depict daily routines?!

Anyway, I had E help me pick and choose our stickers and placements.  She is really excited about using it. This morning was our first run, and while she got hung up on certain items (there is no sticker for going potty, which delayed the entire process, and her hair was in French braids, so she didn't know if she could put a marker by the comb icon.)  I'm really hoping this helps get her to move through the morning routine quickly and efficiently from now on!  Otherwise one or more of us may not survive until the end of the school year!

After every week of successful, stress-free mornings (please, oh please) she gets to choose a small prize from my special prize basket.

Brush Teeth
Wash Hands & Face
Get Dressed
Eat Breakfast
Put on Shoes, Socks & Coat
Do Hair (slightly mis-placed in order, but oh well)
Get Backpack/Lunch

The bottom two are for after school:
Do Homework
Clean Out Bag and Lunchbox
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