0 Bento #225 - Pizza & Fruit Salad

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh my word, I'm so far behind in posting bentos!  Today E helped me.  We have TJ's famous Pizza Margherita with the crusts cut off (one because it doesn't fit in the box with them on and two, E doesn't really care for it.)  It's imported from Italy, uses great cheese, a tasty dough and it's fast cooking.  It's one of the best frozen pizzas ever and we always have a few in our freezer.

She arranged her own veggies as well, and decided on both celery and carrots.  Fresh fruit salad is also on the menu.

Snack is a bowl full of Goldfish crackers and a special Rice Krispie Treat, which E also helped me make.  The three of us literally polished off the entire batch in an 18 hour period.  Yikes!

I'm an equal-opportunity bento box user.

Bento #225 - Margherita pizza, fresh fruit salad, celery, organic carrots and ranch dip.  Snack - Rice Krispie Treat and Goldfish. 
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