2 Bento #193 - Egg Fried Rice & Corn off the Cob

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is the second-to-last school bento of the year!  I can't believe school is out on Wednesday.  Wow!  And a big congrats to my baby sis who graduated yesterday from UMD with her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism! 

We got two nice ears of organic yellow corn in our CSA basket this week.  Delicious!  It's kind of a rarity in our house because corn is really starchy, but it was nice for a change, very sweet.  The rice is leftover restaurant fare, not my usual, but E liked it. It's just got egg in it, which makes this bento vegetarian.

So, when is your last day of school?  Any vacation plans?

Bento #193 - Egg fried rice, organic corn, organic cantaloupe, pistachios and a cheese stick.

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Cooking Gallery said...

Your bento looks simple but beautiful! I need to buy some corn too :)!

Piyush - Admin @ Blogger How To Tips said...

Hello Emily, You are getting huge amount of followers, congratulation and best of luck for the progress :)

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