0 Bento #191 - Chicken Ravioli & Cucumber Fans

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm using another style of Greentainer today, this time a large oval divided tray.  Love that it's so dishwasher safe!  

I have a funny story about the Twix.  After piano lessons Ella is allowed to take a treat from the teacher's treat basket, but she has to save it for after dinner that evening.  A little later she asked me for some tape to put up a picture she had drawn.  A few minutes later she came back with the tape and said she was just "joking" about the picture, but that she had actually wanted to pry open the plastic on the Twix and see what it smelled like, but then realized it had ripped too far to be concealed...thus the tape.  I chided her for not being truthful about it from the beginning and said that she'd now have to save the treat for the next day as a consequence.   Later that evening, her grandmother offered Ella a different piece of candy, but Ella (and her conscience!) turned it down, revealing her fib and subsequent penalty.  So, today I gave the Twix to her with her lunch (as you might be able to see, it has some of her tape on it.)

Bento #191 - Fresh blackberries, sliced cucumber, grilled chicken ravioli with herbed Parmesan, ranch dip, and a Twix mini.

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