3 Pastrami & Brie Sandwich

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm not normally one to post recipes for sandwiches, unless they are of a controversial nature like the grilled cheese I posted a while back.  Okay, I'm totally kidding, except I think the pastrami and Brie combo is somewhat controversial for a lot of people.  But trust me!  So good.  So good.

Yesterday I visited my local butcher shop, Findley's, and got some amazing meats - freshly made pork sausages, (jalapeno cheddar, bratwurst and a garlic version which helped us win 2nd place in the chili cookoff last week)  Delmonico-end ribeyes, (ahhhhhhh *jaw hanging aslack*) house-smoked hickory bacon and this totally amazing pastrami.

For the bread, I used an earthy and rustic organic sprouted wheat bread from Harry's [Wholefoods] bakery, which actually tastes really great.

I toasted the slices, and slathered on plenty of real mayo (I like Duke's brand because they don't add sugar, and not because it's a health thing, it's their original recipe) and lots of brown deli mustard.

Now...controversy!  Brie.  A good, French double cream Brie that starts melting as soon as you get it to room temp.  Two thick slices.

I topped the slices with some organic lettuce, and sliced red onion (critical!  Must have onion, and it must be red, and it must be raw.)

Assemble thusly.


It's so heavenly.  The earthy crunch of the toasty bread, the salty pastrami with the luxurious creamy Brie, and the spicy kick of that mustard....just heavenly.

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D' Mommy said...

omg, this sandwich made my mouth water.

Kasandra said...

Wow, this looks fantastic...will have to buy some pastrami and Brie!!!

Kid Rock Tickets said...

NICE POST! I'm glad I found this blog!!

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