6 Bento #144 - Moon & Stars

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aww!  I just love these cute moon sandwiches.  I made them from a new cutter I got from World Market last week.  I happened to have moon and star sprinkles, so I used a few to decorate, and they went really well with the star cups I have (also from World Market.)  My inspiration came from the snow we've been having.  It's been super cold (well below freezing) and snowing lightly almost non-stop, but it's so dry that it just drifts away so we barely have any accumulation.  The flakes are so tiny when they're falling that in a beam of sunlight they sparkle and shimmer like stars!  I don't think I've seen that happen before, usually they are too wet or it's too overcast.

Bento #144 - Grilled ham & cheese on homemade bread, organic baby carrots, homemade zucchini bread, craisins and sunflower seeds.
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Kelly Polizzi said...

Yummy lunch, emily. I love the moons too :)

Unknown said...

Fun and yummy!

Thanks for stopping by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse! I am following you too.

Sandy said...

The moon sandwiches are very cute!

Cassi said...

Too Cute! I love the moon and star sprinkles.

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thanks! The moons went over really well, E was very happy with those!

Anonymous said...

They *are* neat. I like the star shaped cup on the top, just like the stars on the moon. And the two halves fitting together for a whole... very nice.

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