1 Bento # 87 - Turkey Meatballs & Sweet Peppers

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FIRST of all...the Cookware.com giveaway details will be posted tomorrow.  You know, just thought you'd like a heads up. ;)

Today's lunch consisted of those yummy TJ's turkey meatballs (cut in half - they are HUGE).  Miss E actually chose all the pick decorations today, which she was tickled to do, given that she doesn't usually have access to my bento supply organizer.  This is the first time I've given her raw sweet bell peppers - usually I add them into things I'm cooking, but today I wanted her to try them naked.  She was reticent at first because she associates "peppers" understandably with "spicy", but I assured her they were sweet.  She ended up loving them and cleaned her entire plate!

Bento #87 - Turkey meatballs, cucumber flowers, sweet bell peppers, yogurt dip and cheese.
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Anonymous said...

i just stumbled on your blog and this is such a cute idea for kids! i love how you make it fun and the veggies even look good~ will be trying this for my son. Thank you~

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