1 Bento #78 - Eggs, Cheese & Sprouts

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More eggs!  E begged me for the hard cooked eggs I was eating with my salad the other night.  I always make about a dozen, so I had plenty extra for her lunch.  I decorated them with sprinkle dots for "eyes" but then ruined the whole "eye" effect with sprinkled paprika, haha!  I ended up giving everything a good dusting of paprika, it was so pretty.  Anyway, I was actually at school with her today (preschool play and then the teacher appreciation lunch I volunteered for) and wouldn't you know, she decided that today wasn't an egg day after all.  But she did eat all her sprouts, go figure.

Bento #78 - Hard boiled eggs, alfalfa sprouts, colby-jack cheese cubes on picks, tortilla scoops and craisins.
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Melissa said...

My little girl has been loving boiled eggs lately. She is asking for them just about every day! It is nice to have a really easy and quick protein available to add to the mix. :)
Yum on the paprika! One of my favorites.

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