2 Bento #75 - Eggy Lady Bug

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This plate is a cross between a rabbit and a lady bug, but either way it's cute!  The dots on the "wings" are flower-shaped sprinkles.  Also, in my never-ending quest for non-HFCS dressings, I found that Newman's Own All Natural Ranch has no HFCS, and no MSG.  Hooray!

Ella also had a revelation of her own - she swiped the other half of the egg that I was going to use for rabbit legs, and declared that she now loves egg yolks because she's a big girl now.  I'm so proud of her for trying new things!  This must be the 20th time I've offered her yolks, and she's now taken to them.

Bento #75 - Hard boiled eggs with flower sprinkles, ranch dip, baby carrots (and red seedless grapes, not pictured.)
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Melissa said...

Oh goodness, isn't the quest to find non-HFCS repalcements endlessly frustrating?! Nothing irks me more in the grocery store than finding that ingredient listed on something I wanted to buy. And worse, PHO. YUCK!

The eggy lady bug is super duper cute. :)

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thanks! It is hard, no? I hate, hate HFCS, and it's in everything.

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