3 H is for Heaven

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food heaven, that is! I'm talking about Super H Mart. I have never heard of them before, but found out quite by accident today. See, my husband and I took our daughter to see Shen Yun Performing Arts this afternoon (classical Chinese dance with anti-communist flare here and there - great show, by the way, see it if it comes to your town) and in the program there was a full page color ad for H Mart, and its grand opening celebration.  We decided to check it out since it wasn't too far.

It is a store that, simply put, is ethnic foods.  It's truly international.  Mostly Asian - Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Hawaiian, but also African, Hispanic, even a little Italian!

This place is ENORMOUS.  I was awed.  And inspired!  And totally overwhelmed.  So, I did what any self-respecting food blogger does.  I whipped out my iPhone and started snapping pictures.

The seafood "counter".  Yes, those are live tilapia!  They aren't soley indigenous to vacuum-sealed bags after all!

We picked up 5 lbs of shrimp for $1.99 a pound!

Monkfish...you know, like on Iron Chef?

Moving on to DRIED fish (as opposed to the still-living variety.)  This is a huge dried squid.

Loads, and loads of them.

I wonder if the Georgia Aquarium knows about this place....

Fresh prepared foods like kimchi.

Frozen pork buns.

Gyoza!  E's favorite.  They had a lady out with samples of another brand (not shown here) and we bought about 6 bags.  They have MINI gyoza, bite size.  Look for those in her bento boxes soon!

After you go through the registers, there's a huge food court with just about every Asian cuisine represented, a French bakery, and then around the corner are separate little shops, like this cosmetics counter.

I'm not afraid to admit it...I'm already in love with this place, even if I didn't find any bento supplies this time around.  I think I'll have a word with the store manager.  :-)

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EYC said...

Hey~ I guess I found one of your many blogs! :) The H-mart is pretty awesome huh? Perhaps I should've spread the word sooner? These photos are actually photos of the recently opened one close to home.. the one we used to go to was all the way in doraville.. :T I'm glad they opened one closer.. sooner or later that plaza is going to be filled with hair salons and other korean food joints. :) Oh.. and I saw the pictures of the foods you made... man.. it's making me hungry! They look delicious!! :D Keep it up chef!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, this H-Mart is like a fancy gated community compared to the ghetto H-Mart's near us :p so luxurious!

Tessa99999 said...

Wow! I love H Mart! Every time I go to ATL I try to make time to stop in at H Mart! I wasn't aware that it was so new though! I thought it was a bit older than just late 2009/early 2010! It's a great store though! I'm totally jealous that you can go and pick up a few things as you need them instead of having to plan huge restocking trips like I do! =P

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