0 Bento #54 - Chicken Sandwich & Ginger "Bones"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know, I know, this bento just screams "BEIGE!!!!"  And again with the cold fries?  Have I no shame?  I placed a chicken tender on a toasted roll and called it a sandwich with a fishy skewer. (Theme?  What theme?) I had a bag of these gingerbread dog bones that I normally wouldn't include, but I didn't want them hanging out in my pantry.  They have sparkly sugar sprinkled on top, so we're calling it a Friday treat, instead of her usual fresh fruit.  I guess the only healthy thing in the bento is the steamed broccoli with the cute doggy peeking out.  Hello, doggy!

Bento #54 - Chicken sandwich, crinkle fries, steamed broccoli and gingerbread "dog bones".
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