0 Bento #14 - Ham & Spinach Rollup

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I received my bento shipment from Japan this morning! It had a bunch of adorable skewers in it, and I wanted to try them out, so I got a little skewer-crazy! I steamed some fresh sweet corn, and Ella just loves it. I can do it really quickly in the micro - just use a microwave-safe plate, add some water to the bottom, and the corn on the cob, then cover with a domed splatter shield with holes in the top, and micro on high for 4 mins. Delish! Sorry for the over-exposed pic, not sure why that happened.

Bento #14 is a mac n' cheese, ham & spinach rollup, fresh sweet corn off the cob, and grapes on skewers.
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