0 Bento #258 - Chicken Cilantro Wontons Bynto

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our first Goodbyn lunch!  This is a Bynto that I bought over the summer in apple green.  The shape is a little awkward for most of E's bags, but it does fit in our insulated EasyLunchbox cooler bags. Yay!

I made a salad of chiffonade bok choy, sliced green onions, fresh mung bean sprouts and red bell peppers, which the wontons are sitting on top of.

More fresh pineapple chunks and some delightful musical note picks, in honor of her first day back at piano lessons.

With the [as of yet] un-decorated top firmly in place.

By the way, isn't that birdie cloth napkin just adorable??  I just received a couple from The Red Poppy Cards & Crafts.  I am kicking myself for not ordering more!

Bento #258 - Chicken cilantro wontons, bok choy salad, pineapple and Goldfish.

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