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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last week we were visiting my in-laws house for dinner.  Just before we were about to leave I spotted a funny-looking thing laying on the kitchen counter.  My mother-in-law explained that my husband's paternal grandmother Grace had actually made it for her.  Ceramics were a hobby of hers, and she used to send pieces for her and the kids.  Ella has a couple of adorable bookends herself.

This particular goose is for mounting in the kitchen for things like kitchen towels.  I kind of fell in love with the kitschy thing, and my MIL told me I could have it, as she didn't have a good spot for it in her kitchen.  I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for - my apron collection.  I had had two clunky hooks, and the aprons were always falling all over the place.

Doesn't she look rather regal?

I don't care how corny she is, I love her!  I think she's cute, and totally practical.  I hope she stays for a long, long time.
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Carolyn, Simply Organized Life said...

That is wonderful. I love how it is practical and something from the family. Your MIL was probably happy to let it go knowing you would use it!

~she~ said...

How cute that you used chalkboard paint to make a menu on your wall! I tried posting a menu once just to eliminate the "What's for dinner?" questions. I actually hated being tied down to it. Sometimes what's for dinner depends on what sounds good to me!

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

That chalkboard is actually a special decal I got from Groop Dealz a while back. I am sad to say I have yet to use it because I cannot find a chalk pen (like they use at Starbucks) locally, and all that I've foud online cost waaay too much. I don't want to use a regular piece of chalk because I don't want the dust. My life is so hard :( (j/k :)

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