0 Bento #212 - Waste Free Wednesday Mini Waffles & Mango

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This was yesterday's Waste Free Wednesday lunch - today she's getting a special bag lunch at school because they ran their Boosterthon Fun Run fundraiser this morning!  I cheered her on with the other parents in the middle of the ring they were running around (and quickly realized in the humidity that my unruly hair needs another keratin treatment ASAP.)  Despite her hurty leg, she was able to run 33 laps and raised almost $800 for her school, and for a needy school in Guatemala.  Go Ella!

These mini waffles aren't only organic whole grain, but they taste awesome too!  Of course, I threw the box away so I can't remember the brand, but I got them at Publix, so I assume they're readily available.  I served them with organic strawberry jam & peanut butter.

Sugar snap peas and mango chunks round out lunch.

Bento #212 - Mini waffles, strawberry jam & peanut butter, sugar snap peas and mango.  Snack - Pita chips & organic pear.
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