3 Bento #135 - Chicken & Onigiri

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 For dinner last night I made fried rice with sticky sushi rice, and reserved some to make these onigiri with cute little accents of shaped sprinkles.  The rice is seasoned with rice wine vinegar, which gives it a nice sweet tang.  Oh, and those grapes!  Aren't they HUGE??

Bento #135 - Onigiri, Italian chicken meatballs, grapes and baby carrots.

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Kelly Polizzi said...

the sprinkles make it look so cute and colorful! You make delicious food!

Jessica said...

Looks fantastic. And now I'm craving grapes! :)

thelazybaker said...

agree w/ u kelly, sprinkles make it so cute. i will make it tonight...:)

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