4 Bento #131 - Flower Power Quesadillas

Friday, November 5, 2010

These were a big hit, mainly because of the shape, though they are very yummy too.  I used the last of the roast chicken, shredded it, and then combined it with cheese and fresh spinach into these nice flower-shaped tortillas.  Just used a big cookie cutter.  Threw them into my panini press for a couple minutes, and voila!  Some very cute flowers filled with goodness.

Coming this weekend:  A decadent new bread pudding recipe made with apples...and Kahlua!

Bento #131 - Chicken & cheese flower quesadillas, fresh strawberries, and salsa sour cream dip.
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Kelly Polizzi said...

this looks like it should be in a book! Beautiful :) Looking forward to the bread pudding recipe! Thats one of my favorite foods.


I love using cookie cutters on all sorts of sandwiches -- Makes my daughter think they are something special! I have used them on quesadillas, too.


Anonymous said...

The grill marks look like part of the flower petal design. Was it "oozy" to cut out the shapes after cooking? Or did you cut first, then press?

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

@SMI - I cut out the tortillas prior to grilling, and anything that oozed out a bit was easy pulled off with my fingers (and promptly went into my mouth, yummy, crusty cheese!)

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