2 Bento #130 - Ravioli 'Sunflowers' & Edamame

Thursday, November 4, 2010

These ravioli are not only delicious, but adorable to boot!  There was a lady sitting on a stool handing out samples at Costco, and I just had to get some.  They are Buitoni brand filled with a spicy blend of beef and sausage, and I figured we could shake things up a bit with the protein.  They look just like sunflowers to me, so they are nestled in a 'field' of fresh baby spinach.  Also, I grabbed a container of organic, non-GMO edamame pods, which E has a great time shelling (though I've obviously shelled them for her here, I can't imagine how long she'd be at it during school lunch.)  They are delicious!

Bento #130 - Beef & sausage ravioli, baby spinach, organic edamame, and sliced strawberries.
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What cute sunflowers! I think this would be a perfect dish to serve for the kids on my Christmas list who will be getting the Usborne Children's Cookbook. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

They *do* look like sunflowers, I see it! I think that is one of the neatest parts of bento-ing - seeing possibilities, images, and shapes in otherwise "normal" food.

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