1 Bento #89 - Grilled Cheese & Veg

Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss E asked for carrots AND cucumbers today.  I ran out of my favorite Publix White Mountain Bread (the only white bread I buy, it is so delicious) and pulled out a multigrain wheat bread round that is very thin.  I'd never grilled with it before (it really doesn't lend itself to grilling since they are already browned on both sides) but it's all we had on hand.  It looks a fright, but E really liked it with the melted Colby cheese and chopped bacon.

Bento #89 - Grilled Colby and bacon, blackberries, cucumbers, carrots and ranch.
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tinyskillet said...

We love Publix Stone Mountain bread too, we wait for it to go on sale.. That's the only white bread we'll get except when we go to the Italian bakery by us. I found that Publix wheat bread (in the bread isle not the bakery) is soft enough to make pocket sandwiches out of.

The grilled cheese still looks good to me! I love that stainless steel bento.

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