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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bentobloggy.com via Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionI'm honored! Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution fan page has listed my blog http://bentobloggy.blogspot.com/ for ideas on how to pack healthy kid lunches!

"A lot of you have asked for ideas for packing lunches for your children to take to school. Here is a list I have compliled. Do you have any ideas or websites to add? Enjoy! :)Hugs, Nor Cal Mom "

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When this show started, I was excited.  I thought that there would be tons of people in the town of Huntington, WV that would flock to the philosophy of fresh, healthy food, but was pretty shocked to see the resistance that he was getting from almost every corner.  Even more shocking is the quality of food that most of America's children are getting in school - garbage!  Please sign the petition for getting better foods in schools nationwide.

Sign the petition here.

If you didn't catch the show before it ended, you can watch it on hulu.
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Beth Bachuss said...

I signed the petition. I agree, people should at least be open to the idea of eating healthier. But Jamie was in Huntington, West Virginia, not Alabama.

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thanks, I corrected it!

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