5 Bento #241 - Green & Orange

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am just in LOVE with these new all-natural food dyes from ChocolateCraftKits.com.  I had to order some after I saw Karen at What's In John's Lunchbag blog posting.  I have historically stayed away (in general) from artificially dyed foods.  These powders change everything.  They are all made of vegetables, and they are shockingly vibrant.  A little goes a long way!

I made some spinach ravioli and added some of the green powder to the cooking water (I used my "dumpling method".)  Look how emerald green they turned out!!  I went with a green and orange theme since they came out so well.

I also cut out some flowers in half an apple, and rubbed some of the green powder on the whites.  It's a little uneven, but I think it would have taken better and more evenly if I had pre-mixed it in a little water.  Live and learn.

Ugh, the lighting is atrocious!  I have a bulb out above the island.

We also have a brand new Hello Kitty lunch bag, compliments of my mom!  E is in love with it.

Bento #241 - Pasta Prima spinach ravioli, carrot coins, herb parmesan mix and an apple.  Snack - Clementine and Goldfish crackers.
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Keeley McGuire said...

The love green ravioli! Smart way to use the colorings. :)

karen said...

It all looks AMAZING! Your food always does but I literally wanted to lick my screen to get a taste of the ravioli :)

Candy Girl said...

So vibrant!

Anonymous said...

cool :)

Unknown said...

I'm amazed on how vibrant the natural food coloring is! I will have to try that instead of traditional dyes. Green ravioli without using spinach is pretty neat.

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