2 Bento #215 - Spinach Ravioli & Fruit Salad

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

These days I almost always make stuffed pasta like ravioli using my so-called "dumpling method."  It's just a really quick and easy way to make it, especially from frozen.  Seven minutes flat.  No waiting for a bunch of water to boil and then baby sitting it to make sure it doesn't burst open.  It's just a lidded skillet, a little oil and 2/3 cup water.  Cover and cook on high for seven minutes, and voila!  Done, lickety-split.

We have a small container with herb parmesan topping.

Lots of fruit salad with some water fowl friends.

And snack is saltines with honey roasted peanut butter.

The stainless container is a Greentainer which is two-tiered, which is nice because it keeps everything pretty compact.

Bento #215 - Pasta Prima spinach ravioli and herb parm, and fresh fruit salad.  Snack - Saltine crackers and honey roasted peanut butter.
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Keeley McGuire said...

Ooo I've never tried to make my own raviloi... my Little Miss and I love spinach we both would love this. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Uniflame said...

This is a really tasty looking bento :) I would love ravioli in my bento :)

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