0 Bento #231 - Bruschetta Chicken Bowties

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dinner for lunch!  Fresh tomato basil bruschetta with a splash of vodka makes the sauce, seared organic chicken thighs and tossed with whole wheat farfalle pasta and Parm.  REALLY good, and easy.  I'm using my two-tier Greentainer, which holds a ton!

Side salad of artisan lettuce and dressing.

...with a LOT of focaccia croutons (I emptied the bag, and it was more than I had expected!) Craisins round it out.  It's craisins again because I keep forgetting to get different dried fruit for those times when I'm out of fresh...like NOW.  That's going on my shopping list as I type.

No snack because they are doing a special one at lunch today.

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