1 Bento #230 - 100th Day Bento

Friday, January 27, 2012

Today not only is it our 100th day of school, but it's also Friday - pizza day!  I decided to do English muffin mini pizzas with pepperoni, channeling the zeros.  The kids all enjoy regular visits from Zero The Hero who comes to school to help them learn how to count to 100! S/He also helps the kids learn the concept of zero being a place holder, and other place value concepts.

The pizzas are made with the aforementioned English Muffins, toasted first, then a large spoonful of fresh basil bruschetta, topped with mozz and the pepperoni slices, a special treat.

Our sides are carrots with dip and craisins with more 0s - Cheerios.

Again channeling the whole zero concept is the round container of applesauce.

Bento #230 - English muffin bruschetta & pepperoni pizzas, baby carrots with ranch dip, craisins and Cheerios.  Snack - Applesauce.
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Keitha said...

Great 0 ideas. Our 100th day is coming up on Wednesday.

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