0 Bento #214 - Bacon Sandwich & Peaches

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am so excited, we finally purchased a gas grill for our deck!  It's been 6 years since we sold our house in Maryland and my husband decided to leave our grill.  So sad.  We've been limping by this summer with a very inadequate charcoal grill which I was fearful would burn our deck down.  This weekend I had the entire family over for grilled beer brats.  This thing is awesome!  So happy I can now go outside to grill.  What's funny is that I never actually grill steaks; I always use a cast iron skillet so that I can get a great crust on the exterior when it sears in its' own fat.  And now I can use the side burner on the grill outside and not gunk up my kitchen cabinets with airborne grease. Thank you!!

My mother-in-law brought over a bag of garlic bread sticks last night, and I thought they would be a convenient size and shape for a sandwich.  We had leftover bacon from brunch (scrambled eggs with cheese, fried tomatoes, potatoes & mushrooms, baked beans and toast!)  which fit perfectly inside one of the bread sticks, split down the middle.

There is a little bit of some black bean and corn couscous which I picked up in the fresh section at Super Target.  It's really flavorful!

I also peeled and quartered a fresh Georgia peach (just like little Miss E.)

Bento #214 - Bacon & Colby cheese sandwich, black bean couscous and a peeled fresh peach.  Snack - Apple Carrot Crusher and Kettle chips.
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