0 Bento #199 - Chicken-Cilantro Wontons & Grape Pyramid

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh my lawd, #199?  That's a lot of lunches.  Next week for #200 I'm planning to do a giveaway to celebrate, so be on the lookout!  It'll also be the first school lunch of the year, so it'll definitely be in a bento box.

I am just in love with this Cath Kidston food tray!  I'm so glad I popped into the shop and got it before they closed. It's so sweet.  The Pororo chopsticks are also super cute.  I piled the grapes into a 3-D pyramid with a fun little flag pick.

Bento # 199 - All natural chicken-cilantro wontons, organic celery spears, homemade pesto, and organic red grapes.

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